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Songkran Water Festival Bangkok

Songkran Water Festival is always a big celebration in Bangkok. It is famous throughout the world for its festive water celebration. There are many hot spots for wild and wet adventures around the city. It is as much fun as anywhere else in Thailand! Songkran is the biggest festival in Thailand. Fun-packed activities with water in the scorching heat are a truly unique experience.


A little bit of Songkran history

Songkran takes place during Thailand’s hottest month of the year in April. The festival embraces everyone. Thai people believe water cleanses bad luck from the past year and blesses you with fortune and happiness for the year ahead. It sees the entire country go bananas in fun water fights. There are also several street parties, musical events, and pool parties.

Songkran Water Festival is a 3-day holiday in Bangkok and many places in Thailand. However, in other parts of the country, it can last up to a week. It is Thailand’s way of celebrating the New Year, usually set from April 13 to 15. Songkran, like other water festivals in the world, is about family and religious worship. Thailand is rich in many beliefs and symbolism in most cultures. Water symbolizes “cleansing” or “rejuvenating”. Throwing water on others washes all the misfortunes and struggles in the previous year and also refreshes everything for the brand new year.


Wet and wild adventures in Bangkok!

While IMPACT Muang Thong Thani takes a break from events during Songkran, there is still lots to do. Since its opening, IMPACT Lakefront is still a popular spot to have a splashing good time. Just a short drive from Ibis Bangkok IMPACT, this gorgeous lakeside venue is buzzing during Songkran. You will find great food, drinks and complete with water guns and good cheer.

Songkran Festival Bangkok

If you choose to explore the city streets of Bangkok for Songkran, here are a few suggestions.

Silom Road

This 5 km street is pedestrian-only during Songkran. The entire section of Patpong thrives with tourists and locals carrying anything that can spray water. It is all in good fun, but be ready to get soaked. Luckily there are stalls at every street corner selling waterproof phone bags. Silom is an incredible display of colors and pure joy. You will even find fire trucks spraying water on the merry crowd. This street is surely one of the best places in Bangkok for the Songkran Water Festival.

Siam Square

Siam Square is certainly a favorite among Bangkok’s teens and young ages. There are many fashion stores and tutoring hubs, along with trendy cafes. This is also where a large number of Bangkok youths celebrate New Year. Siam Square is among the most buzzing areas and streets during Songkran. The hub will turn into an exciting and friendly water battlefield in the heart of the city. Most Thai people will wear traditional Thai outfits to join in the splashing fun. Traditional displays and performances will keep you busy during this whole event. Be ready to get wet and enjoy a taste of Thai culture!

The team wishes you a Happy Thai New Year!

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