Vegetarian festival 2020

Vegetarian Festival 2020

Thai people celebrate Vegetarian event in late September – early October. Travel to Thailand during these months, visitors can be a part of the Vegetarian festival 2020. The fair mainly takes place in China Town across the country. You will find a lot of Thai and Chinese food and snack made from plants. However, if you would like to enjoy other tasty meatless food in Bangkok. You can find a range of Vegan food at ibis Bangkok IMPACT. Enjoy the hearty Vegan dishes at TASTE restaurant and ibis cafe & bar.

Tasty meatless menu

Vegetarianism receives more and more popular around the world. It is an idea of avoiding eating meat and products from animals. Many people become this kind of eater for religious and ethical issues such as animal rights. In addition, choosing a plant-based diet is can help reduce CO2. Because livestock industry increases greenhouse gas emissions. The gas causes global warming. It needs a wide space of land to plant crops in order to feed animals. Thus, eat less meat is a great way to help animals and save the world.

Benefits of plant-based meal

Apart from personal reasons and natural reasons. Eating meatless dishes is good for many reasons. Meatless food is good for both health and mind. Because the food is cruelty-free as there is no product from animals. Such as meat, dairy and honey. It enhances a healthy lifestyle. Because all of the menus are made with plants and whole grains. The main ingredients is a healthy source that can provide all the vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy life. Choosing to eat more vegetables and fruits in a meal helps reduce the risk of diseases.

It is also the idea of living in harmony with nature as it does not support butchery. And harm to the world and living creatures. Eating a plant-based diet is an action everyone can take to help the planet and help animals.

Thai people and Vegan food

Vegetarian food has gainded more popularity in recent years. This trend is also popular in Thailand. In every October, Thai people usually take this to a different level. It is more serious than just changing from meat to tofu and grains. It includes a celebration that many Thai-Chinese people attend the festival. Thai’s Vegetarian festival 2020 is an annual event that lasts for 9 days. This is known in Thailand as ‘Kin Jay’. During the festive time, many restaurants serve plant protein dishes. Moreover, most shops display yellow flags in front of the shops to represent that their shops specially sell meatless food.

Vegetarian Festival 2020

Vegetarian festival 2020

In Thailand, Vegetarianism is originally from Chinese people. Chinese influences Thai belief and culture. So you can expect Thai street food with a Chinese touch. One of the best places to celebrate the festival is Yaowarat. China Town in central Bangkok. During the nine days of the festival, people tend to go to Chinese temples to make merit. When you visit local markets, you will find meatless food stalls all over the place. There is a belief not to eat animal products. It is the way to clean their body and soul. They will remain good health and peace of mind.

Enjoy a range of Vegetarian food at ibis

While many restaurants serve Vegetarian Chinese food, you can enjoy Thai and international food at ibis Bangkok IMPACT. Even main ingredient is plants, the meatless meal will be enjoyable. Especially, flavourful Thai dish. They keep the intense flavours of spice just like the original. Head Chef replaces the meat with some tofu and plant-based protein. It is sure to be so delicious!

Hearty Vegan dishes

To celebrate Vegetarian festival 2020, Our Chef creates a special Vegan menu for both Veganism and a meat lover to enjoy. Our must-try dishes are Omni Fresh Roll Spicy Sesame Sauce and Tom Yum Omni Meatball Ramen. Omni is a premium plant-based protein brand. We select the best items available. The chef team also creates Vegan dessert to wrap up your meal. Coconut Panna Cotta, a velvety dessert that melts in your mouth!

Drop by TASTE restaurant on the 3rd floor of the hotel. And ibis cafe & bar on the lobby floor. You can  enjoy some of the best vegan food in Bangkok. We have a lot dishes for you to choose. Our menu is not only for Veganism but even the meat-eater would love it. At ibis Bangkok IMPACT, everyone can enjoy Vegan food!

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