Koh Kret

Koh Kret

Koh Kret offers an easy day trip for anyone looking to get out of the city. Or to get Thai experience during holidays. Moreover, Koh Kret is known for its laid-back atmosphere, busy weekend market and pottery. Furthermore, This man-made island shows old-school cultural charms and character of local Thai-Mon people. As it is only a few kilometres from the city centre, make it one of the most popular things to do in Nonthaburi. Therefore, Many Thai and tourists are likely to visit this place throughout the week. For a delicious meal, cool drinks, cultural learning or enjoy a bike ride and fresh air. 

Learning Mon culture near ibis

An island village in the middle of the Chao Phraya River is sure to be one of the charming places. Koh Kret is set to the north of Bangkok and near Nonthaburi. Most importantly, the island is full of history, lovely neighborhoods. Local riverside lifestyle, restaurants and cafes. A whole host of entertainment options and things to do when you are in Bangkok. Above all, Koh Kret is where you can see traditional activities of Mon people such as food and Mon style pottery. Moreover, this place is also popular for lively markets during weekends.

Best things to do in Nonthaburi is Get around Koh Kret

Best things to do in Nonthaburi

Bike from village to village, be away from cars and motorbikes. This area is like a city’s green lung. There are pathways through the village. You can either walk or ride a bike around the island. You will find a bicycle from a local rental shop which is very cheap. Cycling is a nice way to travel around. However, the real fun is a boat riding through the tiny Mon village. As it is an island, it offers you a good chance for a cruising experience. 

Koh Kret is only a few minutes from ibis Bangkok IMPACT. Take only a short drive, and you can have a wonderful time near our hotel. Now, purchase boat tickets that will take you to the Koh Kret!

A trip to an island near Bangkok

Koh Kret is one of the oldest living areas of Mon origin in Thailand. So, you can expect their history and local lifestyle. Apart from the famous landmark like the 200-year-old temple. The next well worth thing to see on Koh Kret is the Mon style pottery. The hand-thrown pots is an art that has been on the island for over a century. Moreover, another things to do in Nonthaburi that you doesm’t want to miss out is ride a bike to visit pottery villages along the route. 

Stop by to see their masters at craft. And local people make pots, shaping cups, pots and bowls on the pottery wheel. There is a workshop runs by local people. You can try making a pot yourself. It is surely a memorable gift from the island. 

things to do in Nonthaburi

Highlight dish of Koh Kret

You will find food stalls and neighborhood restaurants along the way. However, when visiting this island, you should not miss to try a signature food here. It is ‘Nor Gala’, a local vegetable of Koh Kret. This veggie menu is a highlight of food at Koh Kret. Try a snack of Mon people, ‘Thod Man Noh Gala’, deep-fried vegetable served with sweet and spicy sauce. In addition, there are a lot more dishes made with Noh Gala that you should try. 

No matter how far you travel in Koh Kret, food and drinks are never too far away.

Enjoy the trip

The island is only 30 minutes away by driving from ibis Bangkok IMPACT. And then take a ferry to If you would like to know more about how to get there. Reach out to our friendly staff at the front desk 24/7. They are very happy to help you! For more information about your trip. Or more about other Bangkok attractions.

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