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Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Lumpinee Boxing stadium is the foremost venue for genuine Thai Boxing fights in Bangkok. Also known as Lumpini, this boxing stadium is the best location catch an authentic Muay Thai experience. Open since 1956 and originally on Rama IV, the Stadium now enjoys a new location on Ram Intra Road. Enjoy a real Muay Thai fight only a short drive from ibis Bangkok IMPACT.

This premier sporting arena in Bangkok is under management by the Royal Thai Army and the Thai Government. The venue holds up to 5,000 spectators and is also a prestigious training centre for professional boxers. All proceeds go to various factions of the Thai Army; spectators can expect to see lots of men in uniform at the fights. Muay Thai is truly a unique way to experience Thailand. Thai boxing is a fierce and intense sport, but it is also an integral part of Thai culture. The technique of Muay Thai uses the body as both a weapon and a shield. Originally a survival tool for locals to defend their property, Muay Thai is now Thailand’s most famous sport.

The best place to experience Thai Boxing!

Muay Thai in Bangkok can provide a truly unforgettable experience while offering insight into Thai spirituality and traditions. Religion plays a big part in Thailand and this is very visible in Thai Boxing. Fighters all wear a headpiece, armband and shorts which have spiritual meanings. Those items provide good luck and protection for the fighter and his opponent. The power and grace of the fighters is impressive, the intensity may be shocking to some. There are five, two minute rounds for each fight all to the rhythm of the traditional Thai instruments from a live band. The experience is truly exhilarating.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium welcomes not only Thai champions but also fighters from all over the world. The excitement and energy is palpable at each fight. The title of “Lumpinee Muay Thai Champion” is one that all fighters strongly aspire to gain. The prestige which comes with the title is truly incomparable. The competition at Lumpinee ranges from mini flyweight (weighing 105 lb.) to super welterweight (weighing 154 lb.).  Spectators can expect to see many weight categories fighting in one evening. The stadium is easily accessible from Bangkok city centre by BTS to Mo Chit or MRT to Chatuchak Park. Then it’s just a short taxi ride away. There are bouts every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with a 6 pm start. Tickets price vary from 200 to 2,000 baht.

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